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Name:Every Day of the Month
Website:AO3 Collection
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Fanwork challenge
[community profile] 31_days is a multi-fandom day-by-day fanwork creation challenge. Every month, a set of prompts will be posted with one prompt for each day.


1. Create a fanwork (fanfiction, fanart, podfic, graphics...) for a prompt and post it on the day of that prompt.

2. Once a day/prompt passes you by, you can still post your work on the last day of every month, also known as Amnesty Day.

3. There are no sign-ups. Feel free to write about any character or pairing in any fandom you like. RPF and original fiction are welcome.

4. Any rating is allowed. Please label your fanworks with any appropriate warnings.

5. The final day of each month is "Amnesty Day". On this day you can post works for any previous prompts. Find old prompts on livejournal here and on dreamwidth here.

6. When submitting fanworks to AO3, please make sure they go into the collection for the current year.

Posting Format

Please use a standard header in the body of the entry, for example:

Word Count: (optional)
Summary: (optional)

Anything similar is fine!

Tag your entries with creator: [your name], fandom: [fandom name], month: [current] and year: [current]

Please post all fics under lj-cut or use a fake cut.

Any questions/suggestions/whatever, please PM [personal profile] beckonade or comment here.

Happy writing!
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